Onyx Select Semidry Hood 6/5


ION Onyx Select Semidry Hood 6/5 DL


  • Anti_Smell: Sanitized® treatment prevents odor resulting from bacteria, mildew or other gatecrashers
  • Power_Seam: super stretchy fine line seam sealing technology with even less restriction and weight
  • Superb Stretch: superb elastic and light stretch jersey for best freedom of movement
  • D_Hydrate: fast drying and stretchy jersey inside of all NEXKIN and Select models

New top-notch fully double lined suit in our front zip line. Exclusive suit with Power_Seam, quickdry and water repellent materials, wrapped in a classical look with new reduced seam layout for absolutely stunning flex and freedom of movement. All you can expect from a premium ION Select model! Upper price range.

Customers looking for a multisports front zip suit suitable for surfing as well as other water sports and simply want the best you can buy from ION

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